Catch Mint getting heavy and immodest with jelly

4 years ago

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Categories: Long Mint

I at no time had jelly as a child, my Mumma didnt trust the way it moved. Like any mischievous angel, I grew up wanting the things I at no time had. So, dont be surprised to find me in a scanty satin bikini, with open breasted Master and crotchless panties, licking my lips and eyeing up some large bowls of jelly. What starts with an sinless nibble pretty soon turns impure. I dont just love the chastise of the fruity flavours, but I love the feel of rubbing the soft ravishing over my hard mambos and wanking it into my long erect pecker. With all these colourful jelly juices running down my curves I need to look admirable sufficiently to eat. Can aid me clean up after?. But remember, no hands 😉


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