Not Each BDSM room is Dark: R/L POV w/TS Venus Lux in YOUR HOUSE

4 years ago

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Venus Lux looks u right in the eye and slips her rough dick up your wazoo. You feel her glide in and that intensive torment is solely eased but her hand wrapped around your ramrod. She’s stroking your strapon while her each own knob slides in and out of u. It is not quite too much. This babe so close and so dominating it is almost likewise raw to keep a boner. Nearly. TS Venus Lux shows off her hardcore dominating and cruel fucking skills in this uncommon uncomplaining POV shoot. This babe seduces you, makes u implore and then she does not listen to one more word you say. Instead u breath your suffering and wish into your pillow until your weenie is milked dry. And when you sensitive ramrod is still heavy and the cum trickling out of you is still sexy, Venus shoves your jock in her wazoo and uses your pecker to make her bust her Queen load all over u. This babe leaves you for your wife to find. And while you lie there in that miniature amount of time before all hell breaks loose in your bedroom, u relish the distant sting of her nails on your chest, and touch your now stretched, dilated anal opening as it throbs from where her biggest shlong was once.


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