Dazzling lady-boy in a blue corset and lacy p-hose

5 years ago

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Categories: Long Mint

You have to see the latest addition to my collection of fuck gear, my a large black fake penis. Its an eye watering 9 inches long and 7 inches thick, and its life-like, with a pair of large baggy balls for me to suck on, a large juicy head to wrap my lips around, and meaty veins running up the length, to tickle my insides as I lower myself down the thick shaft. Its consummate practice for the real thing! Today Im gonna test drive it for the first time, so Ive dolled myself up in some of my much loved underware. A silky baby blue corset with parisienne hold up stockings, and a pair of funk purple stilettos. Now lets see if we can acquire this monster balls deep!


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