Dream Re-Enactment of Real life Events: TS Venus Seduces a ClassMate

4 years ago

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Science class is not boring. It is not boring when u have the sexy Venus ignoring the patriarch and instead covering her toned arms with lotion. Zoey watches in awe and when Venus fingers sperm along her cleavage line, Zoey feels her panties dampen. This is going to be Zoey’s root. That babe craves so badly to do what she has not at any time done before – kiss a cutie. Venus pretends that babe doesn’t notice Zoey stares. Instead she lures her in by not fast going lower in her shirt with the world’s luckiest goo. Venus has kissed beauties in advance of, lots of ’em, and that’s not all she has done to many a virgin. That babe is intend to be Zoey’s 1st kiss, that’s certain. Venus is also going to be Zoey’s first feel of t-girl pecker in her cookie.


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